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Private tours

The best way to tour is with a chauffeur driven car where you will have the freedom to stop and get out and view the attractions and then get back in your car at will and go to the next attraction in relaxed and comfortable manner. No rushing to catch a bus or herded around in big group. Prague Chauffeurs presents here the most common variants of several private tours. But if you have your own wish is not a problem for us. We can tailor a mixture of tours above to suite your time and requirements get in touch and we can discuss your private chauffeur tour options.

Vinatage Car Tour

from 75 euro
Oldtimer in Prague

Vintage car tour is really the best way how to see the historical center of Prague. Ride the charming vintage car and discover the beauty of the city. So take one or two hour private sightseeing tour and make your Prague visit unforgettable.

Classic Vinatage Car Tour

from 65 euro
Classic vintage car

Let's Ride in Classic Vintage Car with professional driver though centre or out of the historical centre of Prague. This private sightseeing tour is the best way how to see more than centre of Prague. The car is suitable for 3 people and the driver.

Private Panoramic Tour Prague

from 50 euro
Private Panoramic Tour Prague

This Private Panoramic Tour of Prague will show you the all important sights of the city . You wil drive in a copetitive Mercedes car with the proffesional local driving guide will give you the quick introduction to the history and beaut of the city centre.

Private Boat Cruise

price on request
Private Boat Cruise

Ride across the sun-drenched river Vltava, view the illuminated rock massif Vyšehrad and Prague Castle as the palm, it can all be seen as a stunning stage backdrop. If you combine a tour of Prague with a quiet and peaceful private boat tour on the Vltava river, you can really relax.

Private Tour: Vienna-Cesky Krumlov-Prague

from 380 euro
Private Tour - Vienna-Cesky Krumlov-Prague

The Private tour From Prague to Viena with the visit Cesky Krumlov. Perfect oportunity how to travel between Vienna and Prague is to visit the Cesky Krumlov, medieval town is on UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage Site.In this city you can have private guided tour with local proffesional guide

Private Tour: Berlin-Dresden-Prague

from 380 euro
Private Tour - Berlin-Dresden-Prague

Private tour From Prague to Berlin via Dresden. Dresden is the capital city of Free State of Saxony, was completly destroyed by Allied bombing in February 1945 and has expirienced dramatic changes after the World War II. In this city you can have private guided tour with local proffesional guide

Private Tour to Karlstejn

from 140 euro
Karlstejn Castle

This is the majestic ghotic castle was built in 14th century by Bohemian King and Roman Emperor Charles IV as a place for safe keeping of the royal treasures, especially Charles's collection of holy relics and the coronation jewels of Roman empire. This landmark is one of the cornerstones of Czech history. The Karlstejn Castle is located about one hour south-west of Prague. This tour is one of the most popular.

Private Tour to Brewery and Konopiste

from 140 euro
Konopiste Chateau

This chateau is about one hour tour from Prague. It was founded in 14th century and in 19th century renovated by the successor to the Habsburg throne, Frantisek Ferdinad d'Este. The chateau is famous for his fascinating collection of weapons and hunting trophies. After Prague Chauffeurs will take you to the renowed brewery Velké Popovice where you get the chance to see how the beer is made and taste.

Private Tour to Glass Factory

from 140 euro

Nizbor is a small town located about 40 km from Prague, where one of the Czech most famous glass factories is situated. We will take you to the town and a tour of the factory follows. You will be shown how crystal glass is made. A factory store is a part of the facility so you can purchase items at wholesale prices.

Private Tour to Karlovy Vary

from 180 euro
Karlovy Vary

Tour to Karlovy Vary, the world-famous spa, founded in 1358 by Charles IV is situated about 2 hours drive west from Prague. You can visit the Moser, one of the most famous czech glass factory, where you could have a tour of the glass making facility and in the Old City Center you can taste all twelve thermal springs and enjoy this amazing atmosphere.

Private Tour to Cesky Krumlov

from 260 euro
Cesky Krumlov

This medieval town is on UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage Site. Is located in sceinic Southern Bohemia about 200km south of Prague. The town has retained its medieval character and the beautiful renaissance castle of Cesky Krumlov is the 2nd biggest castle in Bohemia. Where you cold see rich collection of furniture and historical weapons. You will enjoy plenty of romantic moments to walk throught the city even the castle gardens.

Private Tour to Hluboka Chateau

from 260 euro
Hluboka Chateau

The chateau Hluboka was founded as a guarding castle in the 13th century. In 1661 the chateau Hluboka was bought by Schwarzenbergs who used to live here until 1939 ad they rebuilt the castle twice. The main pattern of the project was the Royal Castle of Windsor. Prague Chauffeurs guarante the best tour.

Private Tour to Kutna Hora

from 160 euro
Kutna Hora

The picturesque medieval town of Kutna Hora, part of the UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage, is situated aproximately 60 km east of Prague. The sources of its beauty and riches are the silver mines. In the town you can visit interesting sights such as the unique gothic cathedral of St. Barbara. the patron saint of miners. Then also you can visit the nearby Ossuary, the "bone house". This is a church decorated with the bones of 40,000 people.