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Prague Chauffeurs

Prague Chauffeurs

Prague Chauffeurs is a professional transport company estabilished in 2009, operating with all sorts of cars, from luxury Mercedes till eighty years old oldtimer. Prague Chauffeurs offers to you chauffeured driven cars the complet transport service with professional chauffeur. Service range from Prague airport transfers, sightseeing tours, vintage car tours, wedding cars and transport all around the Europe. Prague Chauffeurs also provide the professional chauffeured driven cars and local guides all around the Cenatral European region and taylor made tours in Central European region. Our policy is to make sure you travel comfortably in style and safely.

Prague Chauffeurs

Chauffeurs Services

Prague Chauffeurs service range from Prague airport transfers, private tours, vintage car tours, wedding cars and transport all around the Europe. Prague Chauffeurs also provide the tour operators in Europe. To arrange the complet tailor made tour, from accommodation, transportation to sightseeings, guides, atractions and others all around the Central European region. For us is easy to arrange the tour it self. For us is not a problem to arrange the dinner in nice restaurant, book the admission to any of atraction, landmark or the tickets for theatre, opera and others. This services Pague Chauffeurs can provide all around the Europe and we are cooperating with the travel agencies from US, India, Middle East and Far East as well.

Tours and atractoins

Private Tours

Prague Chauffeurs operating the unique sightseeing in vintage cars. We’ll show you city from vintage car and it’s best way how to see the beauty of Prague. Our chauffeurs are language-educated and familiar with all historical parts of the city. Our vintage car service range from guided tours, romantic wedding cars and transport also for big groups. Prague Chauffeurs guarantee the best adventure with in. Also Prague Chauffeurs driving around all the famous sites, landmarks and attractions that Czech republic have to offer is one of best ways to visit by hiring a private chauffeur tour. We have lots of experience to make your tour happen give us a call to put a tour together at a competitive price to suit your budget

Wedding Cars

Prague chauffeurs wedding cars are all immaculately presented so that your special day is a day to remember for the rest of your live. We have a luxury cars or range of oldtimers which are certainly a very good choice how to spend this festive day. Our chauffeurs will assist you at all times and will make sure you get to your destination on time. Wedding cars from Prague Chauffeurs are the best choice of wedding transportation


Prague History

"A glory that will reach the stars" is how the mythical Princess Libuse saw the future of Prague according to the old Czech legend. It was Libuse who determinated the site where the future city would be built. The real history of the city is closely connected between Prague Castle and Vysehrad. There happend the most important perionds in the city. Prague experienced great expansion in the 14th century when the Czech King and Roman Emperor Charles IV made it his imperial capital. Another important period for the city came in 16th century during the reign of the Czech King and Roman Emperor Rudolf II , czech capital became an epicentre of political, social and cultural life in central Europe. From more recent past in the 1918 at the end of World War I, Prague was declared the capital of a new country - the Czechoslovak republic. In second World War starts the dark episode. Prague survived the nazis occupation with very few losts. After it came the 40-year domination of Comunism, which decimed the country. In 1989 the Velvet revolution starts a new episode in history and in 1993 became Prague a capital of new Czech Republic.