Guiding Services

Prague Chauffeurs offer to you the best local professional guiding services in your trip.
With our guide you will get to know the famous historical sights in Prague or anywhere is your interest.
Prague Chauffeurs offers the professional guiding services in mostly all European destinations.

The Private Guide will give to you all relevant information and also the guide can take you to the
places which you would never find yourself. Private Guide can help you find out any of your request
also in the case of an emergency. For your guided tour you can get private guide walking tour,
Private driving guide or Private guide with chauffeured car. Our guides are licensed to guide and all
pass exam from history topography and arts. The guiding is available mostly in all languages.

Guiding prices of city tours:

Prague – 120 euro
Cesky Krumlov – 60 euro
Dresden – 110 euro
Vienna – 180 euro
Budapest – 120 euro
Salzburg – 180 euro
Berlin – 180 euro
Munich – 180 euro
Krakow – 120 euro

The city tours is planned for suitable time in every destination mostly for half day.